On this page you will find download links for Club Raffle, current & prior versions. Club Raffle requires that your PC have Microsoft .NET Framework installed. While this is commonly already installed and updated on your Windows PC if not Club Raffle V3.1 will initiate the installation directly from Microsoft if required. For Club Raffle versions before V3.1 you will need to do this yourself if required.

NOTE: Windows Vista SP2 & Windows 8.0 have an issue with Microsoft .NET V4.7, a requirement for the latest version of Club Raffle. The standard installation will not run and in addition some forms contained within Club Raffle may not appear correctly on some monitors (it's a DPI scaling issue). A custom installation for these versions of Windows is available below that will install however the display issue may still impact you depending on your monitor. If you encounter this display problem you should upgrade your version of Windows.

Windows versions prior to Windows 7 SP1 are not supported, Club Raffle will not run on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (other than Vista SP2) or the first release of Windows 7.


Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 & 10 

Club Raffle V3.1 (131MB)

The Club Raffle software is completely FREE to use and contains no adware or nag screens. It is functional and ready to use for anyone who would like to use it to run a raffle, reverse raffle or members draw. Additional themes and access to advanced professional functionality can be activated within the software via the purchase of the optional registration key. If you would like to upgrade you can purchase a registration key from here.


Windows Vista & Windows 8.0 (NOT Windows 8.1) 

Club Raffle V3.1 (131MB)

This is the same software as above however the installation has been modified so that your version of Microsoft .NET is not checked. You will still need to have Microsoft .NET version 4.6 installed on your computer or Club Raffle will not run. You can obtain this using Windows Update or download and install it from Microsoft.














Prior Releases of Club Raffle

Only use these versions of Club Raffle if you have registered an earlier version of Club Raffle (without upgrade rights) and you require the same version of the software. If you do not have a registration key or you have a registration key with upgrade rights please always use the latest version above.