On this page you will find download links for Club Raffle, current & prior versions. In addition there is a link to download the Microsoft .NET V4.6 Framework. While this is commonly already installed on your Windows PC if not you may access the Microsoft download site from this link.


Club Raffle V3.0 (79MB)

The Club Raffle software is completely FREE to use and contains no adware or nag screens. It is functional and ready to use for anyone who would like to use it to run a raffle, reverse raffle or members draw. Additional themes and access to advanced professional functionality can be activated within the software via the purchase of the optional registration key. If you would like to upgrade you can purchase a registration key from here.


Club Raffle V3.1 Beta (131MB)

Club Raffle V3.1 is in the final stages before it is released. Version 3.1 includes an upgraded Baseball theme, a new Christmas Theme, simplification of the DIY Theme settings in addition to a number of minor adjustments and fixes. V3.1 uses Microsoft .NET V4.7 therefore if your Windows is not up to date you may need to upgrade your version as per the note below.

Please ensure you let me know of any issues you find in this Beta version .. all feedback is greatly appreciated.


Microsoft .NET V4.6 (48MB)

Your PC in most cases will already have .NET installed, and Windows Update will keep it updated to the current version. However if you do not have V4.6 or newer installed you may access the download from this link to the Microsoft .NET download page.













Prior Releases of Club Raffle

Only use these versions of Club Raffle if you have registered an earlier version of Club Raffle (without upgrade rights) and you require the same version of the software. If you do not have a registration key or you have a registration key with upgrade rights please always use the latest version above.




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