On this page you will find the download link for Club Raffle. Club Raffle requires that your PC has the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. This Framework software is part of a standard Windows installation and automatically updated with your OS. If your updates are turned off or you do not have .NET V4.6 or later installed you will need to update your version from Microsoft Update before Club Raffle will run.

NOTE: Club Raffle is built and tested on Windows 10, while it will run on most versions of Windows from Windows 7 SP2 onwards it specifically will NOT run on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.0 or 8.0. For Windows 7 please ensure you have Service Pack 2 installed & for Windows 8 you need to be on at least 8.1. If you are running an older version of Windows I suggest you try the Free version and test it for your environment before purchase. Due the the age of these operating systems no support is offered for Windows versions earlier than Windows 10.


Club Raffle V3.5 (131 MB)

The Club Raffle software is completely FREE to use and contains no adware or nag screens. It is functional and ready to use for anyone who would like to use it to run a raffle, reverse raffle or members draw. Additional themes and access to advanced professional functionality can be activated within the software via the purchase of the optional registration key. If you would like to upgrade you can purchase a registration key from here.

Prior Releases of Club Raffle

If you require a prior version of Club Raffle please contact me via the support @ pragmatic-apps.com email. All purchasers of Club Raffle have been granted upgrade rights to V3.5, so even if you did not have rights to upgrade you are able to upgrade to V3.5 at no cost.