User Account Control

The first stage of installation is to download the Setup file from the web and either run it directly or save it to your hard disk and execute it.

At the start of the installation you will receive a User Account Control warning, this is not uncommon and yes the software will make changes to your PC.

Publisher is Unknown as I am not a registered Publisher.

Club Raffle will install it's files into the folder you specify in the following steps and it will add entries into your registry.

If the installation determines that you do not have the required level of Microsoft .NET installed it will prompt you to install this prior to installing Club Raffle. If this is the case please install .NET and then re-run the Club Raffle setup.

Next you will be presented with a series of questions by the Setup process ... (Detailed here are screens specific to V3 however V3.1 will install in a very similar way.)

After confirming the required .NET is installed on your PC the first screen of the installation process is shown. Press Next to continue the installation.    You will then be prompted to accept the terms of the License Agreement. This is a standard software agreement that you need to choose to accept and then press Next again.   The next screen is a reminder that Club Raffle requires that you have Microsoft .NET V4.6 installed on your computer before it will run. The setup program will have prompted you previously during setup if it was missing. If you ignored it before you will need to restart Club Raffle setup after .NET has been installed.
Next either accept the default installation directory or specify an alternative and press Next.    Type a name for your Start menu item, accept the default or check the box to not create a Start menu item and press Next.   If you would like a shortcut placed on your desktop select the checkbox otherwise just press Next.
Everything is now set, it's time to install Club Raffle onto your computer, press Install.   The installation progress bar will indicate the status of the installation, which should take only a minute or so.   When the installation is complete you can choose to run Club Raffle now and press Finish.

First Use Registration

The first time you install Club Raffle it will request some basic information, this process sets up the Windows Registry entries and if you agree provides me some feedback on where my software is being used.

You are not required to enter any information however I do find the information useful. I do not use the information to send any spam email. The only time I will send you an email is if you ask me a question.

The most useful item for me is how you heard about Club Raffle, so if you prefer not to provide your personal information please consider at least selecting the entry that best describes how you found out about Club Raffle.


Do you have an existing Club Raffle Registration?

For existing users upgrading to V3 you will be prompted if the installation finds an existing activated copy of Club Raffle.


Would you like to take a quick tour?

You may choose to take a quick tour of Club Raffle V3. If you are new to Club Raffle V3 I highly recommend you take the tour, it only takes a couple of minutes and will highlight the various menus available.


The Club Raffle Welcome Screen

The default screen on opening Club Raffle will show menu options on the top row and the Club Raffle logo centre screen. In the professional version you may change this image to any image of your choosing.


On the top right you have the Registration menu where you can access the menu items to activate your software for the Professional version if you have purchased an activation key.


Club Raffle Main Menu

The main menu provides access to each type of random draw along with access to the Global Settings menu where you setup your preferences for Club Raffle. The padlock on the far left is used to hide and unhide the menu, if hidden move your mouse to the top of the screen and the menu will appear.

Missing Key
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