What to do if you have completed your registration key purchase but you can't find your key in your email.

The process to create your registration key and then emailing it to you is completely automated. You should receive an email within 2 mins of completing your purchase with PayPal, if you have not received your key within this time there may be a problem.

On the very rare occasion that you don’t receive your key you may be feeling anxious or even annoyed that my server has failed, chances are that this is not the actual problem. In over 10yrs only 1 key has failed to be delivered due to an error on my server, and this was my fault as I forgot to re-enable it after testing an upgrade.

So if you are reading this because you have not received your registration key … take a deep breath and be assured it can be resolved quickly. Let’s start by understanding what is actually happening. After you complete the purchase with PayPal, PayPal will send you an email confirming your purchase and they will also send me an email telling me a purchase has been completed. PayPal also sends my server a notification that a purchase has been made and what this purchase is. On receiving this notification my server will generate a registration key and email this to you with a copy emailed to me.

If you have not received either email, from PayPal or from my server, then chances are your email address registered with PayPal is not the email address you are looking at. SOLUTION: Check the email address you have with PayPal as this is the email address that will be used. If you can’t get access to this email address for some reason then send me an email as per below.

If you receive the email from PayPal but do not receive the email from my server with your key then the most likely cause is that your SPAM filter has put it into your spam/junk folder as it does not recognize the pragmatic-apps domain. SOLUTION: Check your Spam/Junk folder for the email.

Still nothing … There are other reasons why the email can fail to reach you but if the above has not fixed the problem then the best solution is to send me an email. Include in your email a contact phone number and an alternate email address if you have one. If I’m awake I will response pretty quickly most of the time. The reason for the phone number is that if my email is being blocked then there is no point sending another email as it will also be blocked.

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