Club Raffle Professional Upgrade/Version Menu


Club Raffle provides extensive features in the free version and it will always be completely usable without any nagging or ads. For many this is all that is required, however for others, especially those running regular events the professional version provides extended features and additional themes.

Full details of the added features and themes available in the Professional Version please review the feature list on this website.

From this menu you may visit the Pragmatic Applications website to purchase a key or find further information. Once you have an Activation Key you use the Activate/Deactivate Key menu option to enter your key into the Club Raffle software to enable all the extended features and themes.


The Activate/Deactivate screen allows you to turn your key on or off. While most people would activate the software once and leave it, it is a simple process to move your key from one computer to another. You simply use this menu option to deactivate the key on one computer and then activate it on another.

The registration key field is the only required field on this screen. However please keep in mind that if you loose your key it will be impossible for us to locate it without some other information to identify you.

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