Club Raffle Help Menu

Within the Help menu you will find a number of items to help you get around Club Raffle.

The Online Help item will take you to the Club Raffle website you are now reading.

The "Take the Tour" item will show you through each of the menu items with a brief description of each.

The License Information item is described in more detail below.

The Pragmatic Applications item will take you to the Pragmatic Applications website.

The About item will open the Club Raffle version information window.


License Information

The License Information window provides you with key information about your Club Raffle installation, the version of the software you are running and the latest version of the software available. If you are running the Professional version of the software it will detail your registration key, including what version your key is permitted to activate.

If you have an activated registration key it will also provide you with the information you entered during activation.

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